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The Award

Exceptional contributions in rail 

The rail industry is a major operation, delivering for people and passengers across Britain every single day. No matter what part you play in that, your contribution is vital. But sometimes, some people go way above and beyond their day job to support others in this mammoth task…

The kind of person we’re looking for…

We’re looking for those who have really gone the extra mile to promote and deliver health and wellbeing in the rail industry. Those who demonstrate kindness, care and compassion that is an inspiration to others, be they colleagues or rail users. Those we can truly call…heroes.

Time to recognise their efforts 

We think it’s time these remarkable individuals, and their exceptional efforts were recognised, celebrated and honoured. Now, with our Wellbeing Hero Award, that’s exactly what we’ll do. 

The Nomination

Have you …

  • Clearly covered both the actions and the behaviours of the individual? It is important that both ‘what’ was done and ‘how’ it was done are covered.
  • Provided as much detail as possible regarding any specific situations or incidents?
  • Stated clearly how the specific actions/behaviours have positively impacted the: customer; colleague; community and why this is so special?
  • Included any supporting information available to strengthen your nomination? Such as colleague or customer feedback.
  • Made sure the person you are nominating has been clearly identified?
  • Sought advice from your local management team or HR? Discussing your nomination with them is not required, but doing so may help you make sure it is as good as it can possibly be and maximise its chance of passing.

One final tip …

Read through your nomination and ask yourself this question …

  • If I didn’t know anything about the person being nominated, would I be able to get a fully clear understanding of how and why this person is amazing from just reading the nomination?
  • If the answer is no, you need to do more work on it.
  • If the answer is yes, then congratulations, your nomination is ready!

Additional Information

How do I nominate someone?
To nominate someone, simply register for Rail Wellbeing Live and complete the answers as you progress through the registration form.

Who can nominate?
Any rail industry colleague can put a nomination forward.

Who can be nominated?
Any rail industry colleague can be nominated, not just wellbeing professionals.

What is the deadline to submit a nomination?
The deadline is 23:59hrs on 30 September.

How can I make sure that my nomination gets through into the final stage?
There's no guarantee but the more care and effort you put into your nomination, the better chance it will have of getting through both judging stages. So, write enough and be certain you have clearly explained what was done and how it was done. Remember that the judges who read your nomination won’t know anything about your colleague and will be judging them purely on what you have written, so include lots of details.

Who can be nominated?
Any rail industry colleague can be nominated for the Wellbeing Hero award. This award is for anyone who goes the extra mile to promote and deliver health and wellbeing in the rail industry. The award is for anyone and does not have to be a wellbeing professional.

What happens once a nomination has been sent in and received?
The nominations will be collated when the nomination period closes at 23:59hrs on 30 September. All entries are checked to make sure they contain enough material for judges to review. The nominations then go to the 1st stage of judging. Those shortlisted go through to the 2nd and last stage of judging. The nominations that pass this last stage are the finalists and will be invited onto the virtual stage during the closing session at Rail Wellbeing Live on Thursday 18 November.

Does a manager have to approve a nomination?
No. The nomination is your nomination and if you think the person deserves to be nominated, then that is your decision.

What do I need to put into a nomination?
You need to ensure that you clearly describe the person you are nominating, giving details of how they are going the extra mile to promote and deliver health and wellbeing in the rail industry. Most importantly, you need to ensure you are very clear what it was they did and how they did it to make such an amazing difference to other colleagues or customers - make sure you describe their behaviours (the ‘how’) as well as their actions (the ‘what’).

How many judging stages are there?
There are two judging stages. The first stage produces a shortlist, the final stage uses this to select the five finalists.

How much should I write in the nomination, is there a word limit?
You must write enough to clearly explain why your colleague is deserving to ensure that the person reading the nomination can understand why the person you are nominating, is so special.

What help is available for me around making a nomination?
Your line manager is there to help you. They will have more experience at this type of thing, and they can give you great advice. So please do seek their support if you need it.

What is looked at when a nomination is judged?
Everything you put on a nomination form is looked at, including any extra evidence such as customer or colleague statements/feedback - so write everything that you think matters in your nomination.

Can I or the person being nominated challenge a decision if a nomination is not successful?
No. The judges’ decision is final.

Will the person being nominated find out if they don’t get through the two judging stages?
Yes. All colleagues will be notified of the progress of their nomination through both judging stages, as will the nominator.

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